UFC Fight Night London

Great to see it on mainstream TV channels. Wanted to go but thought better of it. Not a bad card for UK.

Split loyalties here. Always a rather partisan observer, I was obviously going to cheer for Jimmy Manuwa. But I’m something of a fan of Gustaffson. Thought he should have been given the close decision against Jones and would like to see him given another chance. To do that he would have beat the Brit in front of him. Continue reading

Don’t Leave It In The Hands Of The Judges

It’s a valid mantra from Herr White. A fighter should want to win a fight, not be given a decision. The crowd wants to see something spectacular with a winner that cannot be disputed.

I don’t think fighters aim for decisions.  I do think they try to win.  Apart from some wrestlers maybe😉  But quite often the fighters simply cannot finish it and the fight goes the distance.  Judging in the 10 point system seems to be a pretty subjective process.  Granted they are being “scored” on effective striking, grappling and octagon control but it’s still a subjective process that is prone to human psychological waverings and error.  Quite often errors.  Now that’s where the mantra starts to sound more like an excuse from the Zuffa lot for not having an answer to the problem of how to fairly score fights. Machida – Davis was a terrible decision. I thought Jones – Gustafsson went the wrong way too but that was a lot closer. Then there was McGee v Whitaker on Fight Night 27.  McGee won that, fairly I thought.  But check the scores.  30-27, 27-30, 29-28.  So one judge had him winning every round.  Another had him losing every round.  The other saw it somewhere in the middle.

Come on Dana.  There must be a better way of scoring fights.  Repeating Don’t Leave It In The Hands Of The Judges is just a way of dodging the issue.